Greeting guys,

Welcome to my about page. I’m Jacinda Rees and here’s a little bit about myself before we dive ahead. I’m a techno enthusiast who loves exploring different software, products, and other similar stuff.

The more I explore, the more I review so you guys can find easy answers to your questions without much hassle. Today we’re going to talk about the need of the hour, given the Corona Chaos.

Webinar platforms. From college lectures to business meetings, to even kids being pre-schooled. Everything has gone online and that means a huge dependence on webinar platforms. Let’s start with WebinarJam.

WebinarJam is a cloud-based platform that enables you to conduct and attend web-seminars (webinars).

It has live streaming from Youtube and Facebook as well as private rooms for conducting webinars. It offers well-designed and ready-to-use landing pages that you can use to register people to attend the seminar once you’re done creating it.

One of the best features of WebinarJam that is not present in other similar platforms in the Panic Button. They have one button for SOS, so basically anytime your session is stuck or there is some issue, just press the Panic Button and automatically a new session is created.

There’s more. All of your attendees are pulled into it without any extra hassle. It’s so cool. This feature alone has saved me on countless occasions during meetings.

The pricing is affordable, the platform is reliable and for a reasonable rate, you can host 5000 people on it. The ease of use just beats every other platform there is. There are video tutorials to explain every little step.

Usually, for webinars, we are always spending some time explaining to one person or the other how to use the said software or app. WebinarJam saves us all that trouble. This was just the basic introduction to WebinarJam. There are loads more if you’re interested.

Other webinar platforms work well too such as Zoom, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, LIveStorm, etc. Each with its share of pros and cons. I have compared a few of them and written a detailed review.

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