EverWebinar Vs WebinarJam 2021: Which One Is Best?

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Bottom Line: EverWebinar is a webinar software tool designed for engaging online events from anywhere in the world. Webinars help you reach your audience and build brand awareness so you can easily connect with them. WebinarJam is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses create and conduct webinar sessions easily, it also includes live streaming on Youtube and Facebook or event broadcasting via private webinar rooms. Try Out WebinarJam now.

webinarjam vs everwebinar

Everwebinar is to host automated webinars whereas Webinarjam doesn’t.

Let’s get started to explore better out of best!

Overview: Everwebinar Vs WebinarJam

Overview of EverWebinar

pre-recorded webinars

Genesis Digital is the owner and developer of Everwebinar. Currently, Everwebinar is the best solution for automated webinars. Before the term ‘automated webinars’ befuddles you, you should know what it is.                                       

Imagine you are taking a video recording of a presentation and use software to give it a feel of a live webinar. That’s how your attendees will feel. This will save you the energy and time that would have occurred during live webinars. This is what we call an evergreen or automated webinar. Easy, no?

And to give you this, Everwebinar is the best tool. All this may sound a bit deceptive to you but this leads to higher revenues ultimately.

If you are looking for a tool that solely focuses on non-live webinars, you can’t afford to miss Everwebinar for your evergreen webinars! 

For me, choosing this one for my non-live webinars was a smart move that I will never regret. I could make way more than what it costs. I must admit that Everwebinar is well suited for those who are engaged with a lot of LIVE webinars. 

Who told you to have to show up live the whole time? All you need to do is just pick that webinar and connect it with Everwebinar. Enjoy the automated experience.

Overview of WebinarJam

EverWebinar vs WebinarJam review

You just name it and I have experimented with every software for webinars under the sun- trust me when I say this.

If I recommend Webinarjam, that is for its ease and speed you can never deny! The cheer-up moment is for first-timers because they get short tutorials for a step-by-step guide and they can set up everything within 60 seconds. Do I mean that? Yes!                             

If you are in search of a perfect tool for live webinars, GO NOWHERE. Webinar jam does its job perfectly. Schedule the webinar as you want and connect with your attendees. You can enjoy the live chat as well.

It is a cloud-based broadcasting technology through which you can reach up to 5K+ people in a single presentation without panicking your bank balance.

All you require is your regular PC and a stable internet connection, the rest is silky smooth. No tension of pixelated images or frame rates. Whichever you choose- webcam, screen share, or PowerPoint presentation- everything is in super HD quality. 

The best part is this is device-agnostic. You have a desktop, tab, laptop, or a phone, Webinarjam gets itself fitted into any of them easily.

Both Everwebinar and Webinarjam are from the same marketer but are independent.

You can shift between any of the two with just a switch flick!

Key Features of EverWebinar vs WebinarJam

EverWebinar vs WebinarJam- signup today

  • Types of Webinars


Everwebinar is designed especially for automated webinars but you can also host hybrid webinars and series with their configuration. 

Hybrid webinars are a combo of live and automated webinars. It is possible when you integrate a live chat while hosting an automated webinar. And don’t worry about the difference between live and automated one as your attendees can’t spot it.


There is a walk-around in this tool. Thanks to video injection that lets you play a video that each of your attendees can watch. 

It is simple. You can enjoy the live session taking a back seat and play an already recorded video. You can show up yourself by switching back to the webcam whenever you wish.


Though both of them are similar in this feature, I can give more ratings to the first one because the steps are way too simple to start a hybrid webinar.

  • Spot Light


There is nothing like attending a guest speaker conversion. The most you get is Live chat with attendees that makes you feel that you are active in the webinar even if you are not.


Imagine the aftereffect of making any attendee a guest speaker! Engagement will skyrocket. When you allow your attendees to do this, they show themselves up coming on air and start recording through the webcam.

You get this golden key from Webinarjam.


The result is crystal clear- Webinarjam.

  • YouTube streaming


Sorry to say, you can’t avail this through Everwebinar. If YouTube live streaming is so important for you then you have to switch to the next tool. 


Do you want your attendees to connect through the webinar without having to register? Well, YouTube live streams can be of help! Webinarjam allows you to enjoy this feature but at the cost of losing the engagement tool.

You can’t use some live chat tools, polls, and surveys when you are on YouTube live stream.


Again, Webinarjam.

  • Room Flexibility


There is no such advanced feature in Everwebinar.


I can understand the hassle caused to you while setting up a webinar repetitively from scratch. This is not a big issue anymore as you can dedicate a room and design it according to the brand and logo you want.

Needless to say, the room link remains unchanged. 

You get all this under the ‘always on room’ feature.

This is best for those who have regular meetings so that the members can attend the webinar through the same link each time if it is saved in their browser.


Everwebinar doesn’t possess this feature so the winner is Webinarjam.

  • Scheduling


It won’t be incorrect to say that the scheduling feature is the core point where the strength of Everwebinar lies.

It has far more scheduling options than you can expect. 

The options are like watch replay, user’s time zone, just in time, and many down the line. But the only thing to remember is that Everwebinar plays the role of configuration wizard here.

You can start a previous webinar from the point it stopped. 


Webinarjam has generally three scheduling modes-

  • One single session allows you to play the same content more than once per day. It is highly convenient for those who want a different schedule.
  • Multiple sessions are a pack of many mini sessions that are split into different days, weeks, or more. 
  • Recurring series sessions are similar to that of a TV show or episodes.


As expected, Everwebinar is the stronger tool out of the two because of its wider options.

  • Performance and Speed


It is very intuitive and best if you are looking for something to get started fast.

You get high definition 30 FPS very fast audio and video broadcasting. Users like it for lightning-fast performance.


It is easy to install and get started but not as simple as the former one. Some processes may take little more steps than the previous one.


Everwebinar is better if I consider this part solely.

  • Security


To connect with the API of this software, you require an SSL secure connection otherwise it will be dropped. The API calls are restricted to 20 and more than that leads to error.

They check most of the things beforehand. You have the responsibility to check their grant for permission to access data. 

There is nothing like stealing personal data or malware issues. Overall I found it safe.


SSL connections and GDPR requirements are the priority of the software just like the first one.

No issue of Viruses or data tracking.

Safe and secure to give it a try.


I found both of them safe to use. Both are the winners!

  • Usability


The setup is simple and reliable. Even a non-techie can set up to start an automated webinar. Consider it an ‘easy peasy’ task. 

It is pretty user-friendly.


Setting up and starting a webinar takes hardly a minute. Starting up is pretty fast but when you start employing each and every feature, it takes some more time.


Match draws!

EverWebinar vs WebinarJam- features

Customer Support at EverWebinar vs WebinarJam


You get 24/7 constant support under whichever plan you choose. At times, they give a lot of push to take training and consultancy which becomes uneasy.

The customer service is not very straightforward.


If you face any kind of mishaps like the webcam not working, voice is inaudible, lost connection to the room, etc., the Panic button is the life-saving plan B for you.

Give a push to the panic button. A brand new live room will be ready and you all are ready to resume within 10 to 15 seconds.

Overall support is fast and easy.


I like Webinarjam more than the other because I have a plan B ready to save my day!

Pricing Plans of EverWebinar vs WebinarJam 

Pricing Plans of EverWbinar

 The best part about Everwebinar is that it is super affordable. You can connect with unlimited attendees at a time and scale without any restrictions. 

The pricing plan is of three types

everwebinar pricing

  • Installment Plan

Under this plan, you pay $199 thrice a year or every 4 months. 

  1. Automated webinars.
  2. Already made landing pages.
  3. 24/7 customer support.
  4. Advanced tools for Simulation.
  • Annual Plan

You can save some bucks by buying an annual plan for yourself. Avail of this by paying a one-time payment of $499/year.

  1. Automated webinars.
  2. Top-notch simulation tools.
  3. Ready-made landing pages.
  4. 24/7 constant support.
  • Biennial Plan

Planning for a long-term deal? Pocket the biennial plan and save some more. Purchase the entire pack of features by making an advance payment of $799 for two years.

  1. Automated webinars.
  2. Top-level simulation tools.
  3. Ready-to-use landing pages.
  4. 24/7 constant customer support.

Here is what else you get if you buy Everwebinar…

  • 100% guarantee for a refund.
  • Risk-free purchase.
  • Free trial.
  • No entry-level setup fee is required.

Pricing Plans of WebinarJam

Here are the three plans you come across in Webinarjam.

pricing plans

  • Basic

It is very convenient for newbies which can be availed at just $499 per year. 

  1. Maximum 2 presenters.
  2. Maximum 500 attendees.
  3. The duration of the webinars is 2 hours.
  4. Chat options.
  5. Scheduling.
  • Professional

Pay $699 on annual basis and enjoy some more features.

  1. Max 4 presenters.
  2. 2000 attendees.
  3. webinars can be held for up to 3 hours.
  4. Every feature is available except for the control center.
  • Enterprise

Enterprise plan costs you a whopping amount of $999 on annual basis.

  1. Max 6 presenters.
  2. 5000 in attendance.
  3. You can hold webinars for as long as four hours.
  4. No feature remains unlocked under this plan.

Here are the ‘extras’ you get…

  • 100% risk-free refund under any plan you buy.
  • Customer support.
  • Exclusive features that work without breaks!
  • Easy payment gateways.

webinarjam free trial

Pros & Cons: EverWebinar vs WebinarJam

Everwebinar Pros

  • You can shift from webinarjam to Everwebinar with just a flick of a switch.
  • You can easily host automated webinars through Everwebinar.
  • Hosting hybrid webinars as possible. 
  • Wide range of template options to choose from.
  • The pricing plan is not heavy on the super affordable pocket.
  • You can add tracking pixels.
  • Set up is super duper simple.
  • Easy testing to check if or when it works for you.
  • A basic engagement feature like Live Chat is available.

Webinarjam Pros

  • A pro tool in hosting live webinars.
  • It can handle attendees up to 5000 and above.
  • You can live stream a YouTube video.
  • Webinarjam provides you a lot of landing page templates.
  • Amazing features like ‘always on room’ and ‘attendee spotlight’.
  • It gives you real-time analytics like the registration and shows up ratio.
  • You can customize more options and a more personal touch.

Everwebinar Cons 

  • Everwebinar is not seen to work well with ActiveCampaign. Stay alert if you wish to connect them.
  • Most importantly, it doesn’t support live webinars.
  • There is no advanced feature like always on room or spotlight as you can see in Webinarjam.

Webinarjam Cons 

  • Eats up a lot of bandwidth but that’s the case with other webinar services.
  • Outdated dashboard. It needs some upgrading.

EverWebinar vs WebinarJam free trial

Quick Links:

 FAQs | EverWebinar vs WebinarJam

💁 How to automate a webinar?

Automating a webinar is pretty simple. Upload webinar recordings > call-to-action > Composer timeline. You are done. Leave rest on the platform.

🙆 Can I cancel my subscription to Webinarjam?

Yes, you can. Just submit one ticket and select basic account information.

🙋 How to go live on a platform like Webinarjam?

Just follow this - Press the green colored button present at the top of your screen > Confirm Yes > Go live. Click it again to end the live broadcast.

🤷‍♂️ How do I get started on WebinarJam?

You can follow the link mentioned in our blog to get started with WebinarJam. Sign-up on WebinarJam. You can also download the plugin and install it for quick use of WebinarJam.

🙇 What is difference between EverWebinar and WebinarJam?

Basically, EverWebinar is a platform to conduct automated webinars whereas WebinarJam is used to conduct live webinars.

💁‍♀️ What is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is a platform to host automated webinars, Host Hybrid Webinars along with a Wide Range of Template

Final Conclusion: Everwebinar vs WebinarJam 2021

I have used and reviewed both software so everything is written is experience-based and not just research-oriented. 

As of now, you should have known that both of these tools are not exact competitors. They are developed by the same company and their serving purpose is different. 

If you are interested to host an automated or evergreen webinar, Everwebinar is for you.

If you want to host live webinars, this goal can be achieved by Webinarjam.  As simple as it sounds. Both are for a different purpose and you can use them according to your requirements. Generally, busy creators prefer using Everwebinar.

If I ignore this and focus on features only, there is a slight difference.

Webinarjam is my first choice as it has more key features to offer. Affordability wise I will choose Everwebinar.

Now the decision is obviously up to you. No one knows your requirements and choices better than you.

Hope I successfully compared both the tools- ‘Everwebinar Vs Webinarjam’.

Still, if you have any doubts, feel free to reach us. Also, tell us which one do you prefer and why!

Happy reading! Come back again for another such hot tech post!

EverWebinar is a webinar software tool designed for engaging online events from anywhere in the world. Webinars help you reach your audience. WebinarJam is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses create and conduct webinar sessions easily, it also includes live streaming on Youtube and Facebook.

Price:$ 499

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